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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Great Ludwick Van Beethoven - Egmont

  • 1. Egmont Overture08:25

Extracted From Life of Ludwick Van Beethoven written By Romain Rollend:


Francois Emperor of Austria: Who is that man who looks into my eyes direct, Meternich?

Meternich: Your majesty, his name is Beethoven, a master in music, some say even greater than our Late Mozart!

Francois: Maybe, but our Late Mozart had manners, this man looks at me in a way as if he is the Emperor of Austria! Look, everybody has bowed in front of me but HIM!

Meternich: Your Majesty, he is of the revolutionary type, he likes Bonaparte and revolution of France, devoted to them!

Francois: Hope my eyes shall never view him again!


And We call Beethoven's manners more beautiful and more majestic of all his masterpieces in the world of Music Phenomenon!

Kian William Nowrouzian 

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