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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Who and what is satan? Is he or she a being? Some sort of created negative personality from old religious histories? The war between good and bad in the history of man, beauty and the beast, lightness and darkness, the subject that dominates humans from animals.

Religion has had it that Lucifer was moved out of God's presence because of being disobedient. The closest angel to God started being changed in such a way that even it is called Satan rather than Lucifer. Disobedience over pride and comparison with other created being named human! Out of pride and jealousy, the former Lucifer or current satan has strained every nerve to prove the creator that humans are below other beings created by God. Is Satan right or wrong?

In 10000 written history, mostly darkness has prevailed over lightness BUT in this gallery, there are samples that prove and remind us otherwise. Samples to kick out the former Lucifer out of God's presence forever. Samples that proves real humans could always be the source of change against evil, chaos and gravityYet uniformity and replacing artificial intelligence instead of human minds shall stop all these and all planet shall befall down in worse than medieval times again, Beware of Planet Apes!

Kian William Nowrouzian



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History Witness of Tyranny

The historical wonders you are viewing, irrespective of Stonehenge (constructed by Britons) and Persepolis (constructed by workers with salary) have been made by slaves, places of human sufferance especially Rome, Yet even there from time to time we all witnessed the rise of heroes of Spartacus types. Evils are strong but the war between beauty and the beast keeps going...


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