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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



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One day, Alexander the great (how a homosexual could be called great is a problem which I have never been able to solve) riding along the beach with his commanders, suddenly he observed the palm of a hand out of the sea, he thought someone is sinking, he sent for the rescue of the possible miserable but there was nothing, no body could view that hand but Alexander who hated halusinations. A friend of his advised him to consult with the wisest man of Greece, The Great Diogenes.  They found him easily, an old man who was sleeping under the sunshine, half naked on the sands. A shadow fell upon his remarkable face:

- Do you know who I am?

- I have heard about you, yes I know who you are.

- I have a problem and my friends told me you could help me to solve it

- And the problem?

- Whenever I look at the sea, I view the palm of a hand out of it with 

- Ah, I see, now look at that hand from between my two fingers, Do you still view it?

- No, I do not, I swear by Zeus you must tell me what is going on or else!

- Calm down, that hand is telling you IF you find five real friends, you will be able to capture all the world, BUT I, DIOGENES, AM TELLING YOU IF YOU FIND TWO REAL FRIENDS THE WORLD WILL BE YOURS!

- Most amazing response, indeed you deserve the name great. Ask something and We shall prepare it for you immediately

- Just get the hell out of my view and let the Sun keeps shinning

And that was the man named Diogenes of Greece,

The man who walked All days and nights

                                                  In search of a real human with his lights

May his soul rests in peace

Kian William Nowrouzian


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