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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Conquest of Paradise

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Second World War: June 1940, France fell down under the Nazi's regime, an illiterate coporal think of himself like Napoleon the great, filled with pride, arrogance, selfishness and all evil qualities, he even finished his general's plan to attack France in his name, who dares to challenge a maniac! Now he is searching for ways to make peace with Great Britain, In Rayshtag (his parliament) he cried out: 

We have no territorial claim in Europe any longer, If Great Britain and Mr.Churchill do not interfere with us, we also allow them to continue their global affair.

Churchill: We have listened to words of this type before your invasion to Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, France and other parts of Europe, by the time the independence and liberty of these nations in Europe have not been returned, Great Britain makes no peace.

Hitler: You, Mr Churchill are going to destroy your people, Resistance is futile

And for 59 perpetual nights Luftwaffe bombarded London and other cities of the United Kingdom, 800 British fighters against 3800 which ended with the absolute victory for Great Britain.

Churchill: It is so rare in history that a huge amount of people to be in debt with a few brave men and now the war is just being started for that maniac!

Revolution of France: June 1789

Louis the 16th, Ordered the representatives of people to leave etas-generoux , yet they did not, His messenger came to investigate the situation:

-By what right are you sitting in that chair?

-My name is Bailly, I am an astronomer and a member of the Paris scientific academy also deputy of Parisians

-You just heard the King, he ordered to leave here immediately

Riqueti de Mirabeau: Go and tell them we are here by the will of the people of France and because of their will we are going to stay here.

Revolution of France: March 1794, Robespierre and his government of terror rules over all in France, With a false accusation he drew Danton, leader of the revolution to the court,

Fuquiehtenville the Judge: We have a document that proves you are bribed by aristocrats

George Jaque Danton: ME? DANTON? MONARCHIST?, IF YOU DARE, COME WITHIN REACH OF MY HAND TO BREAK YOUR FACE. Danton can not be bought, Danton has no price to be bought. I myself created this court and I beg God to forgive me for that. God knows if I am speaking now, it is not for my life, it is for the people of FRANCE and our future generation. WE HAVE UPROOTED PRIVILEGES OF NOBLES, WE HAVE SET UP HUMAN RIGHTS IN ALL FRANCE and we have created a new way of thoughts for all people and that has been echoed in all Europe stronger than all swords, cannons and cavalries so that no tyrant could never choke this thirst , this appetite for liberty in any human, our lives have not spent in vain.

Kian William Nowrouzian


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