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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Secret of Creation (Great Hans Zimmer)

  • 1. Creation Choral02:08

Extracted from Jeanne D'Arc of Charles PEGUY 

...After an unsuccessful attack on Paris Jeanne was talking with the commander of her military. 

Gille de Rais: Madame Jeanne, I blame you for our defeat yesterday

Jeanne: How come?

Gille de Rais: I am forced regretfully to tell you that you do not know how to talk with soldiers,  These men who live for war, who breathe for war, who enjoy war should have heard a speech rather than yours yesterday. You talked with these men about the Lord, heaven, peace after death and saints of paradise. 

Jeanne: What should I have told them, captain?

Gille de Rais: I would collect them around me and I would tell them: Soldiers, you are hungry, tired and bared. Your king can not pay you but in front of you is a city filled with gold, the richest city in the world. Honour and riches are waiting for you there, Are you brave enough to capture them?

Jeanne: Listen carefully, Do you know who and what sort of man is the man who talks like that?

Gille de Rais: I call him a good leader and a great Captain.

Jeanne: No commander, the man who talks like that is the last man of all men!

P.S In Civil War, General Robert Lee, the ingenious commander of confederates from southern states forbid all his soldiers to take even one corn out of looting in Pennsylvania and that was while the northern army sacked each place and area in southern states! A real and brave gentleman, a Great commander in tactic and Strategy, (The same as stonewall Jackson another hero of southern states). May their souls rest in peace

Kian William Nowrouzian

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