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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Rome, The Enemy

  • 1. Mea Culpa Part II03:55


And Supposing there was not such a thing as the dark ages in Europe, Supposing those Greek scientist works would be continued in Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and to name a few, What would be happened? I tell you the response, Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon in 1969. If the satanic shadow of the dark ages were not on Europe, We would reach stars between 500 to 800 AD. In time I shall mention the more exact time based on exact calculations. The existence of the Empire of Rome was an insult to God both before and after Christ. It was Rome who taught the best European nations aristocracy and degrading their own people, all Rome's fault. The empire without even an Empress to prove some respect toward women while in Persia 3 Queens ruled over Persians in Sasanids.

Rome was the model for tyranny, invasion and aristocracy in Europe and for more than a millennium people suffered from imitators of this model!

Kian William Nowrouzian

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