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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



King Cyrus the Great

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Think no evil, Speak no evil, Act no evil, From evils point of view (like Herodotus of Greece, one of the Avant guard lands for homosexuality[minus Sparta the Great!] ) people who believe and act based on these 3 principles are called wise monkeys! Yet later in the time of Parthians wise monkeys made Rome kneel in front of them!

Let's listen to the last words of their King when he was going to leave this world:

...And when I, Cyrus, was placed in my tomb, let my hands out of the soil, I want all see King of Persians left this world empty-handed with a name that lasts forever...

Compare his tomb with those of Egypt (pharaohs), Assyrians, Romans, .... while his power and territory were way above all of them!

And remember what you see up there was built by workers with a salary rather than slaves!!!

A few words about Artemis Queen of Halicarnassus and The Admiral of Persian Navy

The Queen was Persian and a master in naval tactic and strategy, She led Persian navy (About 550 warships) from Persian Gulf to the beach of Greece in the time of Xerxes king of Persia.  She got an absolute victory before the Greeks in Artemisium naval war (480 BC) then was defeated in Salamin by the Greeks. After Persian army swept over Leonidas and his men in Termopila, Xerxes asked Artemis not to seek revenge for the war was over and Athena was captured.

May her soul rest in Peace 

Kian William Nowrouzian

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