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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force


Egyptian Marche - Strauss

  • 1. Strauss - Egyptian March Op 33502:43

Some say he was the 10th ruler of the 18th dynasty, Maybe he was, Maybe he was not, This does not concern us, What deserves our attention is his new idealogy, Suppose in the sea of scums suddenly a tulip rises, that was Akhenaton, In the land of idolatry, tyranny, abuse and slavery for continuous centuries, he elbows out all traditions, challenging the evil high priests of Amon and starts talking about Aton, The God.

The sign of the cross was chosen by him for the new religion he messaged almost 18 centuries before the rise of Christ. He was poisoned by his physician Sinoheh and Haromheb his best general replaced him as the next pharao who returned back Amon and his followers on power again. 

After his death, all his followers were massacred by the followers of Amon

May his soul rests in peace

Kian William Nowrouzian

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