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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force




  • 1. Riverdance04:03

Some say Rome is the Light!!!

          Never believe their minds are bright

                  Invasion & Slavery, habitual Roman's action

                             Plus dark ages and torture after crucifixion

                                       Light of Civilization in Europe?

                                       Impossible, remember church and pope!!!

The holy island, touched by dirty boot of Romans

         I call that catastrophe for all humans

                  For the time machine of social evolution

                        Till French revolution turned into hibernation!!!


She was brave, so beautiful, intelligent and great in tactic and strategy, I am positive she witnessed the great lesson given to Romans by Parthians in Carrea from the sky and that absolute victory brought smile on her sweet face in paradise, her real domain.

Written For the memory of the Woman who defended her Island bravely against Roman invaders

Written by Kian William Nowrouzian


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