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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force




  • 1. The Greek Army and Its Defeat09:39

War of The Siracuse

... Go and call Archimedes, tell him his cousin needs him.
-Yes majesty. 
-This is really intolerable, these Romans imitated everything from us like macrocephalic baboons and now they are going to capture our land. We never allow that, never. My ingenious cousin shall find a way, you Memnon, I want our army to be prepared in a week in all aspects.
-Consider it done my Lord Hieron.
My lord your cousin awaits your permission to step in, said the guard in charge.
-Bring him in, hurry
-Beloved cousin did I not tell you whenever you are here you may step in and there is no King, formal ceremony and Kingdom for you?
-Yes, you said that but for your own good, it had better follow the ceremonies as long as it does not ruin the improvement of our society.
-Archimedes, Marcellus is going to attack us.
-Marcellus? the Roman General? Attacking us? He must have lost his mind, this is madness, sheer lunacy!
-They outnumber us Archimedes, experienced soldiers from battlefields in Cartage, Spain and some other parts
-My King, they outnumber us, they are experienced BUT it is the intelligence that rules over the battlefield.
-Then you help us?
-My King it is my duty to help Greece but I have a condition, no one will judge upon my decisions and what I say is as valid as your commands. This is for your own good and the good of our land. I am going to give an unforgettable lesson to these backward Roman Barbars who have forgotten the share of Greece in the base structure of their wild wild stupid Rome! 
-In that case, may Gods be with you, Archimedes, 
-Gods are on the side of the strongest battalions my King and we are stronger, you will see! I will be here tomorrow at this hour to fix the absolute obedience of Greece military formally. By tomorrow may Gods be with you 
Archimedes rushed forward to his home and sent for his most brilliant friend to collect all his students. Tomorrow at the same hour he and his men were waiting to be called in king's palace.
-My Lord Hieron, Archimedes is here with some strange looking men and boys!
-Strange looking? what do you mean Leonid?
-Most complete explanation shall be provided when you visit them, my King.
-Let them in, quick, why did you await them.
- Greetings my King, May Gods are generous toward our land, we are all ready to serve Greece
-Greetings beloved cousin Archimedes, who are these people especially the one next to you whom I can count his bones from here? Did you invent a way to resurrect deaths?
-My lord, these are the people who are going to lead Greece army against Rome
-WHAT?!! Do you expect me to let best Greek generals follow these skins and bones? also, they are so young and they know nothing about war, I promise in view of the shadow of a Roman soldier they escape!
-My king, these bones and skins are my students, they are not going to fight individually with Roman soldiers, they are all familiar with the knowledge I have taught them and do please remember your promise,  my commands should be exercised immediately as you know we only have left few days till enemies arrival!
-So be it, Leonid, call Tosar the commander of my guard and take Archimedes and his students to our garrison, Archimedes, beloved cousin of mine, I fixed everything with my Generals, in case of any problem just send a messenger, May Gods be with you.

And The Great man started to arm his land against Roman invaders. Installing strange mechanical apparatus in different places of the high wall, concave mirrors on the towers, Levers with jaws, artilleries which throw fireballs with high range and so on!
-Greetings my King, our work has not finished yet, maybe few more days! said Tosar, the guard's commander.
Look what my cousin has been doing in five days to Syracuse, what are these monsters?
- I have no idea my Lord, we do as his and mmmmmm his students' commands which the latter has really been difficult for us after years of serving in Greece Army. Several times I wanted to kick his boys on the buttock to learn proper attitude toward men who risk their lives in the battlefield. Some soldiers of mine are going to beat them after the war is over, they came to me and begged me not to prevent them! his students have so long tongue, my lord
The commander told this with hatred and broken pride but the king just smiled back.
-Calm down Tosar, calm down, we must be all united against a strong enemy, this Marsellus of them has never been defeated in the battlefield. Rumours have it they are going to employ some sort of strange tactic against our walls. oh he is coming here... May the Gods be with you Archimedes, did you invent this monsters?
-Yes my King, these are monsters but for Romans, I may change earth's place with the assistance of these monsters if I build one, long enough to place it under the moon!
-Gods do not like this sort of talk Archimedes! Say a pray not to anger them
-And Gods will not fight this battle for us but these monsters will, My King, When Romans Navy appear I shall be in the highest tower, also each student of mine with a few soldiers of your army in other towers of the high wall, my artillery behind the wall and outside the city on the beach, Greece army with quadrilateral deployment next to artillery on the beach just in case any Roman soldiers step in our land.

I have taught my students to learn about my commands by moving my hands and from tower to the tower we make the connection but just in case I want the fastest chariots behind the wall to send messages from the main tower, my place to other towers.
-We are ready for the famous Marcellus my Lord, I am counting the sands!
-Do not understate the enemy Archimedes, never do that.
-I do not, I only said we are ready my King.
And as it was predicted, at last, Roman navy appeared from the horizon, hundreds of ships, experienced and brave soldiers with the command ship of Marcellus, a genius in the battlefield, He ordered 7 huge ships in a line next to each other, placed a harp-shaped plane on it to be able to employ Roman artillery against the city, The Gong Gong of the main huge bell in Syracuse excited even the most experienced Greek soldiers, Hieron, King of Syracuse wanted to order to take women and children to a safe place but Archimedes overruled it.
-It is not necessary Sir, it is not. Trust me! I leave you now to your guards my King, my place is in the main tower, after the war, I shall see you in the main palace!
-Put on the armour first, I do not want to lose the best Greek General in all the history of this land 
-It is not necessary my King
The King frowned this time and with a very commanding voice said:
-Archimedes this is my command, do it.
-So be it, Sir, I shall put on armour before step up to the main tower.

And so Syracuse became ready to respond to a military that has never been defeated before, for years success followed success and Marcellus became prouder and prouder.
-Their right flank is forwarding more and more Archimedes!
Told Tosar the guard's commander to Archimedes with a very anxious voice in the main tower.
-WAIT, they are going to get closer more and more, hey you in the chariot, take this message to my artillery in the beach, I do not want those backward things on their harp plane fire on us, the range of our artillery is way more than them, I want them destroyed RIGHT NOW, even one home or cottage in Syracuse must not be touched by them!
-Archimedes, THE RIGHT FLANK, told Tosar in a very loud voice
Following his voice, Archimedes sends some signs with his hands and the huge monster fall down with opened jaws and grab the Roman ship
-TAKE IT OUT OF THE SEA, new signs with his hands 
The Roman ship between the jaws of the crocodile, soldiers threw in the water, sucked by the sea because of the heavy armour, yet now Tosar gave his commands:
Archimedes  gave new commands:
-hey Archimedes look there, the Roman harp plane is on fire with all its artillery!
-That is my expectation commander, Told Archimedes in a voice that was trying to hide his joy and pleasure
Hour after hour, the situation of Romans was becoming more and more deteriorated, Marcellus's pride was preventing him to give command of retreat but once he saw the complete Roman navy was going to be destroyed, he followed sense and proud Romans retreated!
The city exploded with joy and pleasure, people came to their Messiah, collected  around  him, Hieron congratulated his victory, experienced Greece soldiers welcomed bones and skins brotherly and It was this way that his name stepped in military history (next to the world of science), 
Marcellus, the Roman scorpion knew it was impossible to capture the city from the front, he chose the city of Megare in back of Syracuse and stepped with his force there and in a religious honouring day for Artemis, when no greek soldier was guarding the city, they penetrated into Syracuse. 
At the time of Roman's attack, Archimedes was solving a math problem on the sands, he observed a shadow on his drawings, looking up, at the view of Roman solider, he immediately understood the city was taken. The angry Roman soldier erased his drawing on the sand and told him to come with him immediately! Archimedes cried at him:
He almost finished this sentence and the Roman soldier tore his body with his sword to show Romans bravery to a 75 years old man, the greatest mind of his own time. A real Sir Isaac Newton of Greece.

May his soul rest in peace

Kian William Nowrouzian 


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