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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Words and Swords

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Extracted From David Copperfield written by Charles Dickens:
...Mr.Micawber what is the matter? you are among the friends and there is no stranger among us!
Mr Micawber: among friends?
He blurted out the secrets:

Villainy is the matter; baseness is the matter; deception, fraud, conspiracy, are the matter;
and the name of the whole atrocious mass is - HEEP

Extracted from 20 days of Fyodor Dastayoskie's life:

...Anna, you tell him to publish the next chapter of Crime and punishment by the end of next week or we all go crazy and break into his apartment and break everything. He can not do that to us, that is enough.
Anna Grigorianna looked at his brother's face and smiled unbelievably but Ivan his brother's best friend and the leader of Moscow University's student draw up partly a huge cane from under his coat and smiled back at Anna!
Anna embarrassingly responded: Alright I shall inform him but I am only his secretary, he does as he likes!

Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe 's Memoires about Emperor:

Napoleon was risen from among people, all generations of Kings and Queens run after his chariot to obtain his attention, generations of pride and nobles who have always looked down on their own people, at last, learnt a little bit of real modesty after a millennium!

Extracted From Miserables written by Victor Hugo:

So long as there shall exist, by reason of law and custom, a social condemnation, which, in the face of civilization, artificially creates hells on earth, and complicates a destiny that is divine with human fatality; so long as the three problems of the age—the degradation of man by poverty, the ruin of women by starvation, and the dwarfing of childhood by physical and spiritual night—are not solved; so long as, in certain regions, social asphyxia shall be possible in other words, and from a yet more extended point of view, so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, books like this cannot be useless.

Margarette Mitchell: The writer who rules over my heart, Generation of women who trained greatest warriors, Her masterpiece Gone with the Wind touches our souls for all eternity. May the good Lord support women generations of this type from evils!
And my sword:
The result of uniformity of all nations shall be millions of dum Uriah Heeps, Beware of planet Apes! the social condemnation shall be global, spiritual hunger for all people, humanity turns into sub-animalism and cruelty! the absolute end of great men like those above!
Kian William Nowrouzian

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