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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Bio-Magnetic Energy

  • 1. Magnetic Fields, Pt. 203:58

Doctor Antoine Mesmer, the founder of mesmerism or hypnotism, he started studying the animal bio-magnetic energy and then extend it to human bio-magnetic energy, reaching the levels that even he became successful to cure a blind girl with his force, his patients adored him, he never cured them for money or position, most of his patients were cured out of charge, a man of honor and a real scientist. He also was one of the main directors of the revolution of France. May his soul rest in peace.

Nostradamus, The great astronomer, the master of time who was able to observe furture and warn people of his own time of the coming changes. What neither The great Hawking nor Einstein paid attention is the fact that time is not just a dimension, it is A MIXTURE of several dimensions, for instance time has length of its own, the sub-dimension that effects on us all, the sub-dimension that limits our existence and makes us embrace death one day , time has height as another sub-dimension, living at this dimension means no death and reaching Emortality. (The related calculations shall be published in time) BUT first I would love to observe how and when that piece of garbage named artificial intelligence shall be able to investigate subjects of this type. 

How is it possible artificial intelligence achieve what Dr.Mesmer did more than 2 centuries ago? TO CURE AN INBRED BLIND GIRL or what the great Nostradamus did? Observing The future and telling its details to the people of his own time.HOW?

Evils, Stop the destroyal of the best nations of the world, Human mind will be needed FOREVER! There is no way to fix artificial intelligence lack of power for it is human invention rather than God's creation!

Kian William Nowrouzian

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