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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



  • 1. 050 Oxygene 803:54

Human mind or artificial intelligence? For believers of the God, his Lord and his floating mechanic in the universe that's a very easy question and we have got the swift answer. For non-believers, we got to form a logical response. We have to explain the nature and composition of intelligence and the way it exchanges and connects to the environment. Both types!

The mechanic of God is full of secrets. From a million year ago up until now, these secrets have drawn human's attention which is called curiosity, The mother of all scientific exploration, inventions and more than that social progress. Curiosity is Aphrodites of an active mind. With Love for Aphrodites, the early bipedal of a million year ago are now having relative access to the world of infinite (very huge or at the level of particles). Observation in the environment wakes up aphrodite, I want to know, I must know, The start of a focus on an event in environment, concentration, the balance of biomagnetic energy of mind to kick all parasites out of the human brain to get close to the solution of that secret, kissing aphrodite's sensual lips by solving that problem and satisfying curiosity.

In concentration on a problem, an anomaly of biomagnetic energy of brain effects on the fluent energy of nature. Transaction starts. The stronger the mind is the shorter the time of that transaction shall be. Actually, for a super Genius of Hawking type, this is not a function of time, the transaction is at once and thousands of Eurekas in history which confirms Napoleon the great comment's over exceptional minds: Geniuses are all burning meteorites which throw light on all the world!

Lieutenant commander data onboard please captain Picard's command.

-Mr. Data, We need to know about the history of this planet. A search in your database could be of interest.

Data is moving his eyes now in its socket and in less than 1.5 seconds, he delivers all information.

-Mr. Data, nicely done. Also the phenomenon in front of us, we know little about it, with the help of Enterprise main computer start examining and analysing. Keep me informed!

-Yes Captain

The Android and main Enterprise computer start the exploration, considering all possible options at the speed of light or beyond that speed in multi-million nested optional loops to collect the results. The miracle of Positronic Brains! BUT SUDDENLY:


-Q, I am terribly busy now, however, I can listen to your ingenious advice 

-You are wasting your time data, Secrets of Universe are not always optional to be investigated this way. Actually most of the times they are not. That micro brain over there may get a better chance if being trained. Micro braid, tell me you still care!

-Captain, permission to clear the board, Sir.

-Calm down Mr Worf. Q you promised not to interfere with us any more, we are doing the best we can.

-Temper mon Capitaine! You go this way and you will witness the de-evolution of mankind in all aspects UNLESS what you call artificial intelligence and I call it stupid loops of testing possible parameters of an observed event in the universe at the speed of light becomes a tool in the hands of the human. It can never be replaced by human mind! The word intelligence for this sort of investigation is just a hoax!

-What are you suggesting now Q?

-You find out the answer. The test will never be ended John Luke and if you are lucky enough, I may pass by from time to time!

Kian William Nowrouzian


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