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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force




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Louis 16th had returned back to Paris from Varen after his unsuccessful escape to go abroad. Many Parisians with the leadership of Jean-Paul Marat decided to declare Republic for France with no legal procedure. In national convention La Fayette at tribune:

...I am reported irresponsible citizens belong to the Cordelier district are going to gather in Champ de Marse so that they will declare Republic. I demand the national Convention to enforce martial law and prevent this gathering.

Following that he was to employ force which ended his career as the number one man of the French revolution and also the start of terrible years of the revolution of France. La Fayette viewed clearly for France of that time a Republican government is too soon, that is why like Mirabeau and Danton he wanted a balance between national convention and monarch. After he had lost his publicity in champ de Marse, he left France. The Republic turned the country into chaos and anarchy and if it had not been for the rise of Napoleon the great, France would have been divided between European powers of that time.

La Fayette was an intelligent military man, he took part in the independence war of America against the Aristocracy of England,  he returned back to France in Napoleon's time and served him as one of his best Marshalls (generals). He left France again After Napoleon had called himself Emperor. La Fayette was a man of his words and very honest. May his soul rests in peace.

Kian William Nowrouzian


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