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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Response of Destiny

Hey Roman, you treat us like cattle, you turn your women to prostitutes and treat our women like restrooms, Tell the Rome, we are tired, we are tired and we are going to topple you down and create something based on justice, liberty and equality. This is a message from a slave named SPARTACUS...

And the rest most people know is the massacre of those who stood up on Romans with the leadership of their general Marcus Licinius Crassus,



Spartacus, in the last battle with him, took 13 lives to reach the symbol of tyranny and beheaded at his feet. Yet what most people do not know is the response of fate, mechanic of the God after that:

In about 25 years later, Crassus threw his eyes upon Persia ruled by Parthians. With 45000 soldiers and more than 2000 cavalry with the command ship of Phabius his son who was trained under Julius Cesar in Gaul. They passed the border and stepped in Mesopotamia, Parthian territory. The 13th-Ashk (King) sent a messenger with a message:

                      " If Romans were going to fight with me, with full power I would respond, yet from what we have collected if you invade us for your personal profit, I'll just laugh at your silliness and we will return back Romans' prisoners after this war! "

Crassus responded: I will answer your King after the capture of Solukia!

The messenger laughed in a loud voice and gave this famous response which has been kept in history: IF SOME HAIRS COULD GROW ON THE PALM OF MY HAND THEN YOU WILL SEE SOLUKIA!

Following his campaign, Crassus continued his invasion till he met Sorena (The ingenious Parthian General) with his 10000 cavalries (Catophracte) in Carrehae to taste Crassus some tactic and strategy! The Roman General turned his face and he saw the head of his son on a javelin of a Parthian soldier and himself too! In Apian Road, Crassus commanded to crucify 9000 slaves who fought bravely with Spartacus and now his turn!!! And as the Parthian King promised he returned back all prisoners with one message: Do not ever come this way again! 

Actually, it was the revenge of all those brave European tribes: Britons, Gauls, Germans, Celts, Francs and etc. under the tyranny of Rome!

Kian William Nowrouzian

P.S Octavius, the first Roman Emperor (Stepson of Julius Cesar, killer and stepbrother of Mark Anthony) was in this war too!



The Commandment Of Destiny - Great Ludvick Van Beethoven

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