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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force



Great Mendelson

  • 1. Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64 - I. Allegro molto appassionato04:32

Extracted from the life of Louis Pasteur...

After developing the rage vaccine by Louis Pasteur, some enemies of his were seeking out ways to destroy his respect and the validity of the rage vaccine.  In a scientific gathering where Pasteur and his colleagues were invited, Dr Ledoux based on a false telegram from Moscow was claiming 45 persons have died on account of the injection of the rage vaccine, discrediting him with brutality like an evil. Pasteur was just looking, absolute silence, His colleague Dr Jacque-Joseph Granche observed a piece of paper in Pasteur's hand and ask for it, it was another telegram from Moscow, not a false one.

Jacque: You have this telegram from Moscow and you do not respond to this man?

Pasteur: It is not worth it.

Jacque: I am terribly sorry BUT I can not remain quiet, I am of another type!

Once Ledoux ended his accusations, Dr Granche went behind the tribune:

I am among those who have had the honour of working with Professeur Pasteur, Here is the telegram we have received about an hour ago from Moscow, Of all people who have been injected your vaccine, ATTENTION, none is dead, ATTENTION, Our sincere gratitude for Professeur Pasteur. 

Dr Granche continued this way:

Mr Ledoux, This is called the world of science, it is not a political world, what you have done brings you absolute shame, why instead of being an enemy toward Professeur Pasteur, you do not show a little appreciation toward what he has accomplished for us all. Our names Dr Ledoux sooner or later shall be under the shadow and dust BUT THE NAME PASTEUR SHALL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN IN ALL THE WORLD AS LONG AS HUMAN LIVES ON THIS PLANET!

We all have great debt to scientists like Fleming the explorer of Penicilin, Koch the developer of the vaccin for tuberculosis and cholera and Louis Pasteur the developer of the rage vaccin. In our time their place is empty, I wonder what Louis Pasteur with his ingenius mind would do against Corna Virus!

May their souls rest in peace

Kian William Nowrouzian


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