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Satan Challenges Christ With Full Negative Force

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Hawking or Data?

Human mind or artificial intelligence? For believers of the God, his Lord and his floating mechanic in the universe that's a very easy question and we have got the swift answer. For non-believers, we got to form a logical response. We have to explain the nature and composition of intelligence and the way it exchanges and connects to the environment. Both types!

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Satan vs Lord Christ

Who and what is satan? Is he or she a being? Some sort of created negative personality from old religious histories? The war between good and bad in the history of man, beauty and the beast, lightness and darkness, the subject that dominates humans from animals.

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Response of The Destiny

Hey Roman, you treat us like cattle, you turn your women to prostitutes and treat our women like restrooms, Tell the Rome, we are tired, we are tired and we are going to topple you down and create something based on justice, liberty and equality. This is a message from a slave named SPARTACUS ...

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